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A Short Guide for Seniors Reentering the Workforce

A Short Guide for Seniors Reentering the Workforce

| May 14, 2021
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Not everyone finds success within the traditional career path of finding a job right out of college and holding it until turning 65. Some seniors decide to rejoin the workforce in retirement for a number of different reasons. Some seniors find a job because they want to stay busy, and others need to for financial reasons. Still, there are others that work for the social element that jobs can offer. Regardless of why you’re reentering the workforce, there are plenty of great jobs which seniors can take on. From Lifetime Retirement Partners, here is a short guide for seniors looking for a job.


Benefits of working as a senior.


As a senior, you'll find many benefits to rejoining the workforce. First and foremost, you'll have extra income to supplement your fixed payments from a pension or 401k fund. This extra financial padding can make it easier to pay for medical bills and an occasional vacation. There's also a health advantage to working beyond 65. The right job can help keep your mind sharp and your body mobile. Since many seniors are at risk of loneliness, you'll also have the benefit of increased social interaction.


What to look for in a job.


When searching for a job as a senior, there are some things to look for and others to avoid. Part-time jobs generally offer the best conditions where you can work as little as 10 or 20 hours/week depending on your preferences. Make sure that the position has shifts during the morning or afternoon because you don't want to harm your sleeping schedule by working night shifts. Seniors should also avoid anything too physically demanding like jobs that require heavy lifting or prolonged periods of standing. Although part-time jobs don't typically offer any benefits, it shouldn't stop you from trying. Finding a position with medical benefits could be very helpful in offsetting some medical bills.


Consider some viable options.


Even though entering into the workforce as a senior can be intimidating, there are some jobs that are naturally perfect for seniors. Let's look at a few:


Small Business Owner


Many seniors decide to start small businesses during retirement. This allows them to pursue a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship or transform a hobby into something that can help them earn a little money. However, there’s a lot involved with owning a business, from getting everything set up to ensuring you keep accurate financial records. If you hire employees, there’s also payroll to think about. What is payroll? In very simple terms, it’s everything involved in paying your workers for their time and contributions — including handling taxes. It goes without saying that starting a business requires a lot of work, but many people will find this rewarding.


Substitute Teacher


Grade schools and high schools are always in need of substitutes to cover full-time teachers during absences. You'll have easy working hours during the day and a lot of interaction with children. Most schools won't require subs to have any prior experience as long as they can show some level of competence. Although handling a class may sound stressful, substitute teachers only have to show up and follow a lesson plan the teacher has left.


ESL Teacher


If working in an educational setting is appealing, but you prefer to have a more steady position, you could always work as an ESL teacher. These professionals teach English to non-native speakers either at a school, an institution, or through private lessons. You'll have the benefit of setting your own hours, and you can work as little or as much as you want. As a native English speaker, you automatically qualify so don't worry about any special requirements.


Call Center Rep


Call center positions are perfect for seniors who are limited in their mobility and who enjoy interacting with others. These positions are straightforward and don't require much training at all. As these jobs are usually more formal, you might have a good chance of landing some benefits even with a part-time gig. Make sure to find something seasonal or temporary to not overwork yourself.


It's common to be anxious about entering the workforce as a senior. Just know that there are some excellent positions available that can offer some real benefits. Be sure to research possible positions before you start your job search.


Are you ready to chart your retirement path? Lifetime Retirement Partners is here to assist you. Call 800-971-2989 or schedule an appointment online today to learn more!

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