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Best Cities in Nebraska to Retire In

Best Cities in Nebraska to Retire In

| July 08, 2022
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Nothing is better than a well-deserved rest. Don’t you agree? If you have worked hard, got up early, dealt with everyday problems, and had a stressful job, you will appreciate your retirement even more. But even if you haven’t had a stressful job, just like everybody else, you will come to an age when you will deserve to just rest. You already may be experiencing signs that it’s time to retire and move into senior living. But you must choose a perfect place for your retirement. You deserve to feel like you are living in paradise. That’s why we have selected some of the best cities in Nebraska to retire in. Continue reading this article and find out whether any of them is your dream place for retirement.

Some of the most popular cities in Nebraska for retirement

Needless to say, you will need to hire professional movers to help you transfer from the East Coast or anywhere else to Nebraska. We advise you choose a professional and reliable moving company. Your movers must be highly experienced and reliable. And as a senior citizen, you may be eligible for a moving discount no matter the distance of your relocation.

Although there are many wonderful places Nebraska can offer you, not all would be suited for a senior citizen or for those wanting early retirement. If you love loud, vivacious places full of people, we suggest you skip reading about the following towns. But if you are looking for peace and quiet, we can almost guarantee that you will find the place of your dreams in one of the following town descriptions.


This lovely place has one of the most inexpensive real estates. If you are moving on a budget, we suggest looking at a property in Lexington. The median price of homes is about $92,000. You will be glad to hear that the percentage of people above 65 in this town is 10.3%. There are very few crimes here, and you have three hospitals within a 25-mile radius.

As for the activities Lexington offers, there are plenty to choose from. Lake Johnson is just a few miles away from your hometown, and it’s a perfect spot for those who enjoy fishing, boat rides, and tubing. There are plenty of hiking trails as well if you are one of those people who enjoy nature walks and beautiful scenery. For those who appreciate the craft of winemaking, Lexington will allow you to taste the excellent wine from Mac’s Creek Winery & Brewery.

Beautiful hiking trails make Lexington one of the best cities in Nebraska to retire in.


In contrast to Lexington, Beatrice has 22.8% of the population over 65, which means you are more likely to meet people your age and form new friendships. Although, there is only one hospital close by, and the price of homes is a bit higher than in Lexington. The median home value in Beatrice is $106,600. In cases like these, there’s only the matter of your priorities. You need to choose what’s more important to you.

Beatrice might be the ideal place for those who love exploring history. There are many museums, national monuments, and historical parks that will make you excited about learning about Nebraska’s history. You can also find plenty of hobbies here. Many boutiques, pottery classes, and shows in the local theatre will keep you busy. And who knows, maybe you will find something that spikes your interest enough to start a business after retirement

Grand Island

It’s safe to say that Grand Island is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Nebraska to retire in. Despite the head-spinning median home value of $140,800, many retirees decide to move here each year. One of the advantages is the five hospitals that are near here, but the greatest disadvantage is the number of property crimes in the last year, which reached 1,325.

But if you decide to move to Grand Island, expect to have a rich cultural life. This city can offer you golf courses, theatres, art galleries, and many fine dining places. One of the most special attractions on Grand Island is the sandhill crane migration, which happens in spring. That’s why tours of the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center are something that you don’t want to miss.


There is no better place than Norfolk for those who want to stay active after retiring. This city can offer you its most popular hiking spot – the 195-mile Cowboy Trail. It’s the perfect place for leisurely bike rides, walks, and hiking. You can also enjoy the Elkhorn River, where you can fish, camp, paddle boats, or indulge in kayaking or boating. And downtown, you can visit the Old Market, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy many local restaurants that give Norfolk its charm. It seems like a perfect place, doesn’t it? Well, we have to mention the only downside of this place which is home affordability. Unfortunately, Norfolk is one of the most expensive places to live since the median home price here is $145,400.

 Norfolk is one of the most beautiful-- but also most expensive-- places for retirement.


This place with an interesting name is perfect for those looking for a nice and quiet spot for retirement. The town has the charm of a Nebraskan city but without all the noise and hustle. It lies at the base of a magnificent formation of bluffs that are a popular tourist attraction. If you choose Scottsbluff as your new home, expect to be surrounded by museums and historical sites you can explore in your free time. And if you like, you can also enjoy the farmer’s market where there are fresh fruits and vegetables available to you every day.

By visiting the farmer's market in Scottsbluff, you can have fresh products every day.

Final words

We hope that upon reading this article, you will have an idea of what type of hometown you would like to have in your retirement. Even if these are some of the best cities in Nebraska to retire in, the choice is yours. You should always follow your desires and needs when choosing a home. Hopefully, one of the places we mentioned will be able to fulfill those desires.

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