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Best Cities in the US for Active Seniors

Best Cities in the US for Active Seniors

| August 26, 2022
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Becoming an older adult doesn’t always mean slowing down your lifestyle. You might have less work to do, but you can stay active in more pleasant. Seniors who would like to keep their life more eventful but also keep the good shape and health often choose hiking, walking, or running in organized community groups or by themselves, playing golf, or riding a bike around the city. Also, they participate in local events, go out to restaurants, volunteer, and enjoy traveling. However, keeping your lifestyle active doesn’t solely depend on you. The environment also plays a big role as it brings more or fewer opportunities for you to enjoy. That’s why you should carefully pick the location for your new home. As an active senior, you now have the opportunity to choose among the best cities in the US for active seniors that will give you the chance to enjoy this new life chapter to the fullest.

What makes a city great for an active senior?

Picking the place you’ll spend your older age in should include a couple. Among your personal priorities, there are certain features that make a city senior-friendly. Before revealing what are the best cities in the US for active seniors, let’s find out what are the features we’re looking for:

  • Number of medical centers ;
  • Tax burden and other financial aspects related to retirement;
  • Number of seniors living in the city ;
  • Access to sports centers and golf courses ;
  • Walkability;
  • Amount of green spaces.

Surely, you’ll pick the new home after considering your personal preferences and abilities, distance from your family, and other factors. However, there are a couple of options that are considered to be perfect for a lifestyle of an active senior.

There are many great cities in the US, but not all of them are senior-friendly

What are the best cities in the US for active seniors?

There are so many great places to live in the US. However, there are a couple of cities that stand out when it comes to senior-friendly environments. Take a look at the selection and see what would be the place you could call home.

Nashville, Tennessee

The city is a favorite among music lovers of all ages. There are performances and events you can enjoy all year long in the Country Music Capital of the World. Another great advantage is certainly climate. Mild weather promises winters without heavy snow and ice, whereas you can enjoy warm temperatures during the other three seasons. There are plenty of different outdoor activities you can do in this city, as there are numerous parks, golf courses, hiking trails, and also Percy Priest lake – perfect for fishing lovers.

Love running by the water – Nashville might be the right choice.

North Las Vegas, Nevada

The state of Nevada is known to be senior-friendly for several different reasons. It’s not too expensive, the tax system is beneficial for retired people, and there’s so much to do and see here. One of the best cities in the US for active seniors in this area is certainly North Las Vegas. Being away from all the crowd and noise but still close enough to experience everything fun that Las Vegas has to offer. Living here also means lower living expenses than in the center of Sin City, which results in a more comfortable senior lifestyle. Also, it’s easy to find a helping hand in this part of the state – experts can jump in and help you relocate in no time. It’s important to hire professionals who have experience with senior relocations, so you can relax and don’t stress out.

Rochester, Minnesota

This place is perfect for people who are looking for a financially stable city with enough medical workers that can help any time you need them. Also, Rochester is the city where there’s a minimum of seniors who reported bad health. So, there’s a connection between an active lifestyle and this amazing city.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln has been an attractive destination not only for retirees but also for young entrepreneurs. The reason is that there’s so much to do, the economy is strong, and the cities here are pretty affordable. One of the best choices for active seniors is surely Lincoln. Its affordability but also the number of entertainment, shopping, and dining options make this place pretty attractive for seniors.

Punta Gorda, Florida

The Sunshine State is a very popular choice among active seniors in the US. However, there are a couple of cities that stand out. One of them is Punta Gorda, located very close to Fort Myers in Charlotte County. There are a couple of reasons why seniors love this place. Amazing weather, proximity to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and lack of state income tax – all of these are proofs that Punta Gorda and Fort Myers are one of the best cities in the US for active seniors.

Ready to move to your new home?

Senior years and a new home are all parts of this exciting life chapter. Moving into a new property may seem challenging, but there are ways to make it simple and safe.

The best way to move safely and efficiently is to trust some of the moving tasks to a professional. The search for a perfect property will be much easier if you let a local expert help you find it. Real estate agents who know the area well probably know how to get the most for your money. Next, hiring a moving team will minimize the risks of damaging your belongings but also the risk of getting injured. Seniors should trust a moving pro to handle all the heavy boxes and pieces of furniture, so they stay out of common moving injuries.

Finally, giving yourself enough time to organize the process is the key to success. Don’t try to rush the tasks to make sure everything is packed correctly and all the details are sorted out before your big move to one of the best cities in the US for active seniors.

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