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The Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

| October 16, 2020
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The general calculation for 2020 is you can get the maximum social security benefit of $3,011 per month after starting to receive benefits at full retirement age. The full retirement age means those who are born in 1960 or after 1960. The normal way to receive more than $3,011 is you have to wait until 70 years of age to receive more than the stipulated social security benefit amount per month.

But this is not the only way to increase your social security benefits, have a look at the other ways you can reap the maximum benefits of your social security.

  1. You should understand how the government calculate social security benefits

There are many Americans who think social security benefits depend on their entire professional career. It is a complete misconception. You will only get the highest social security benefits when you’ll work for a total of 35 years.    

So, if you lack in completing 35 years of professional life, try to complete it to get the full social security benefits. 

  1. Your health is a vital factor here

Your health will also play a vital factor here regarding how to maximize your social security benefits. If you are currently facing a major health problem then the sensible option for you is to claim the social security benefits as soon as possible. 

If you are leading a healthy life without any major health problem then you can claim your benefits after you cross 70.

  1. Include your family in the social security benefit plan

You will be able to include your family for additional social security benefits if you have dependent children whose ages are under 19. You will be able to secure additional social security benefits for them which is worth one-half of your total retirement benefits.

  1. Learn more about how to manage your social security tax benefit

Many Americans have a misconception that the social security benefits will not be taxed. But it is a wrong assumption. Financial experts opine that you may have to pay taxes up to 50% or 85% of your social security benefits. The tax payment usually depends on your earning level and tax payment status.

You have to remember that the Federal Government considers the earnings from social security benefits as per the employment-related-earning and investment-related-earning. So, you have to pay taxes for your earnings from social security benefits.

Experts say that you have to try to reduce your taxable income by taking care of AGI (Adjusted Gross Income). You can also adopt the strategy of distributing your funds so that there will be no sudden increase or decrease in your income. 

The better prospect will be for you is to take help from a veteran or an expert firm who can deal with all types of financial problems. Like, not only how to maximize the social security benefits; you can discuss with the expert regarding what you should do with your both secured and unsecured debts before you retire or how to get rid of illegal payday loans, etc.

Having a conversation with an expert means you can earn an overall knowledge about your social security benefits and other aspects of personal finance.

  1. You may consider using the social security spousal benefit policy

A married American individual is entitled to claim up to 50% of his/her spouse’s social security benefit if the spouse’s amount is higher than his/her payment.

You need to sign for the social security spousal payment option when you will turn at your complete retirement age. But remember one point, you won’t get the full social security spousal payment benefit if you claim them before reaching the age of your full retirement.

So, the social security spousal payment policy is another option for you to maximize your social security benefits.

Final words,

While you want to maximize your social security benefits then remembering one point is very necessary. There are numerous social security benefits-claiming-strategies, which are based on several factors like your age, your income level, your life-expectancy, etc.

So, don’t follow what other persons are following. You must create your social security benefit claiming strategy and follow your own rules.

Author Bio: Catherine Burke is a financial writer for online payday loan consolidation. She provides information on successful cash loans and payday loan consolidation to help people get over a difficult patch. She lives in Kansas and has earned a frame in the matter of payday loans.

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