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Your Vote is Your Voice! Here are Some Voting Resources...

| October 08, 2020
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Election Day is right around the corner and as Americans, our right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. Election Day is truly a national day of celebration for our liberties and our country’s unwavering dedication to our constitution. This is a chance to make your voice heard on what’s important to you.

If you need to register to vote or make any changes to your voting registration, gives you access to everything from managing your registration, to signing up to volunteer in your community on Election Day.

If you plan to vote in person and need help determining which polling place you are assigned to, you can access the polling places by state tool, which will give you the location of where to vote based upon your home address.

If you have any questions around the voting process, you can visit US.Gov which provides answers to common questions about voting in the United States.  

The power we possess in our voice determines the future of our local communities, states and great nation. So be sure to make your voice hear on or by November 3rd!


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