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Protecting Your Business, Your Partners, and Your Employees

For business owners, planning for the future is about more than yourself and your family. Ensuring that your business is protected and prepared for every possible situation doesn’t just preserve your own future—it protects the futures of every partner and employee in your business. At Lifetime Retirement Partners, we understand how vital it is to ensure your business is both financially and legally prepared for all of life’s possibilities, and we’re here to help.

Planning for Your Business’s Succession

When the succession of a business is not properly planned for, things can get messy very quickly. In some cases, the death of one partner can result in lengthy legal battles and even lead to the complete loss of the business. Such a situation can negatively impact everyone involved, from the family members of the deceased partner down to the last employee. With proper care and planning, however, your business can continue to thrive and grow no matter what happens

There are many strategies for business succession, and we can help you find the right one for you. We can ensure that any business loans and overhead expenses are planned for in the event of your death, help you determine who will take on your responsibilities, and help provide for your family so that they receive a fair settlement for your portion of the business.

Your business is a key part of your legacy. Protect it and ensure its continued growth with Lifetime Retirement Partners.

Establishing Employee Benefit Programs

Employee benefits are a key offering for many businesses. They can help you to attract higher-quality candidates and retain employees at a higher rate by providing them with quality benefits plans. But we recognize that such plans can be expensive for employers, which is why we can help you with both establishing new plans and reassessing existing benefit programs for your workers.

If you’re just starting out, we’ll help you explore your options to find the best possible programs for your employees while keeping in mind your focus and your budget. We take the stressful and time-consuming responsibility of finding and comparing these programs off your hands, while still allowing you to have total control over the final option you choose.

Second Opinions on Existing Benefit Plans

If you already have employee retirement plans and group benefits for life, dental, vision, and other types of insurance, we can take a look at them to determine if you’re getting the maximum possible benefit from your investment. We’ll go over your programs, then head to the marketplace ourselves to do a thorough comparison. Then, we’ll sit down with you to discuss which options might work better for your business and your employees. You can learn more about how we help establish employer-sponsored retirement plans on our Retirement Plans page.

Protecting your business is a central part of preserving your legacy, and Lifetime Retirement Partners can help you find the protection your business needs most.