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The LReP is designed to constantly adjust and monitor your critical life and financial events to keep your plan on track.

We have built our formula on the idea of a lifetime partnership with our team. This process will allow you to face the future with anticipation rather than apprehension.

The “Fit” Meeting

As with most relationships understanding each other’s goals and expectations is key to building a positive and healthy partnership. Our “Fit” meeting is designed to help identify if we would be ideal partners moving forward. At Lifetime Retirement Partners we recognize that we are not all things to all people, nor do we want or expect to be. We are all things to some people. Our client relationships are based on a very specific FIT process, allowing us to partner with those clients to whom we are most suited.

See our Ideal Client Profile here to get started.

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The Discovery and Organization Process

The key to identifying where you currently are and where we need to go, the discovery and organization process is a crucial step on our formula. We would like to help you get your house in order and organize all of your financial life in an easy to use portal that you can access from anywhere. As we build out your personalized plan this will allow us to monitor the progress of our goals together and adjust them as any life changing events happen.

The Strategy

As Independent Advisors, we work for our clients, not our firm.

Our goal is to help you implement a plan with multiple strategies to reduce risk for all possible outcomes, without apprehension. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to planning for your future. And because we’re an independent firm, we’re under no obligation to sell proprietary products or services. That means we’re objective and selective, offering only those investment products and services we believe are best suited to help meet your financial goals.

Personalized Plan Partnership

As we have identified your unique situation and put together our strategy, now we implement your personalized plan. Our partnership lays out the foundation of our communication, the expectation of the plan, and the adaptability of the plan moving forward to make sure we are prepared for any changes that might arise moving forward. We work for you, and as a partnership we are building on a relationship to last a lifetime.