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Who We Are

As a team of experienced financial professionals working with families and small business owners, we are dedicated to working with you to help you make wise financial decisions and live generously. Our clients hire us to champion- or rather fight- for their future because whether they integrate new cash flow management strategies, review insurance coverage or build savings/investment strategies for a financial goal, it's all for their future. 

Our team can help you achieve your dreams and goals with our exclusive LReP Formula. It starts with a personalized conversation where we'll discuss your retirement goals and needs- covering essentials, working toward ensuring a lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected and leaving a legacy. By breaking down retirement into doable and easy to follow steps, we can help you take the uncertainty out of planning for your financial future. 

Together, we want to help you achieve financial security and comfort, leaving you open to living a balanced and rewarding life. 

In Memory of David Koll 

In Memory of David Koll 

Dave was one of the founding members of Lifetime Retirement Partners. He helped mold and develop the direction of our organization, with a "People" first mentality. He is the reason we strive for customer satisfaction. Dave's legacy will always live on, and he will be greatly missed by our team, our families, and our clients.